About us

We are the first. The first roller derby league both in Prague and in the Czech Republic.

2012 founded by our founding mothers

2013 we played our first game

2017 we became members of WFTDA, a worldwide organization that keeps us ranked and updates the rules of the game; the same year the Czech roller derby organization started

2018 many of our players represented the Czech Republic at the Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester

How do you play roller derby?

Roller derby is a team contact sport played mostly by women on quad roller skates (yes, the retro-looking ones you had as a kid). Players from two teams meet on an oval track. Every team may field 5 players at once. Four of those players are called the blockers and one is called the jammer. Jammer is wearing a helmet cover with a star on it. 
Roller Derby track
Jammer is the only player eligible to score points. She collects them by passing the blockers of the opposing team. Her teammates try to help her but at the same time have to prevent the opposing jammer from passing them.

The game lasts for 1 hour, after 30 minutes players get a little break. Every half is also divided into rounds called the jams. The round may take up to 2 minutes. During the Jam the jammer tries to skate around the track and pass as many blockers as possible. A really good jammer may score around 20 points in one jam.

The game is full of contact, players fall and hit each other, all while being observed by referees who check whether it is legal according to the rules. Unruly players are being sent to a penalty box where they sit for 30 seconds.

After an hour of playtime passes the team with the highest score wins. For a complete ruleset check the WFTDA.

That sounds awesome, I wanna do that too!

In PCRD we organize fresh meat programs that take around three months. During those, we’ll teach you how to skate and know the rules. If you’re good and attend the practices regularly you may play your first game within 6 months. The fresh meat intake will be announced on our social media so don’t forget to hit follow or send us a message and come to visit us at practice.

If you don’t feel like joining the team but want to be a little closer to us, join our FB group Prague City Roller Derby – Volunteers, we’re always searching for a little help at our games and events.
We are looking forward to see you!